Solo Opera

Mel Bearns, Secretary


Mel Bearns

Mel is a writer by trade who has worked with renowned advertising agencies and sporting goods manufacturing companies. He also started and ran a successful freelance creative agency and for the last ten years has worked in the field of healthcare as a writer. Mel started playing guitar in his hometown of Mexico City and played in acoustic-electric prog-rock ensembles before moving to the U.S. to pursue a career in communications. Since 2014, Mel ramped up his commitment to playing live music and currently plays in an Americana/Folk ensemble band as well as in a duo with a well-known singer-songwriter. A deep passion for learning led Mel to discover private voice lessons and Solo Opera, which he recently joined as a board member.

Mel has previous board experience as a Director on the Eagle Peak Montessori Charter School board for 5 years. During that time, he led the development of the redesign of the school's logo and all graphic elements. He was responsible for the development of a new website with improved parent/school interface. Mel helped revise the way teachers' salaries were evaluated and always voted to increase teacher pay. He also was on the Communications Committee which was tasked with developing better outreach tools to serve the fundraising efforts and improving overall communication among staff and parents. Mel participated in monthly meetings in which they covered the expansion of the school from 5th to 6th and then all the way to 8th grade and also worked closely with the Development Committee that was tasked with guiding the physical expansion of the school which is now underway. In his capacity as director he also oversaw the development of more bi-lingual materials to better serve the Latino community. Mel is thrilled to be able to bring this board experience now to Solo Opera.

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