Past Performances - Operas

2023 - The Three Feathers

For 2023, Solo Opera presents, The Three Feathers, a family friendly chamber opera with music by award winning composer, Lori Laitman, and libretto by local poet laureate, Dana Gioia. Based on a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, the opera follows Princess Dora, not as a damsel in distress, but as a heroine. A magic feather leads the shy, self-doubting princess to an enchanted Underworld ruled by a giant Frog King. Here, she summons her courage and compassion to face a series of mysterious and comic adventures that change her life. Completing her quest, she saves her father’s kingdom from the plots of her selfish sisters and earns her right to the crown.

Composer: Lori Laitman
Dana Gioia
Stage Director/Producer:
Sylvia Amorino
Musical Director/Conductor: Alexander Katsman
Scenic/Projection Designer: Peter Crompton
Lighting Designer: Patrick Toebe
Scenic Construction: Rooster Productions
Projection Rental: Oaktown Productions
Costume Designer:
Callie Floor
Make-Up/Wig Designer:
Consuelo Lopez-Robbins

Photography: Ben Kranz Studio, Vero Kherian Photography
Venue / Date: Lesher Center for the Arts- Sept 8 & 10, 2023

King: Eugene Brancoveanu
Dora: Shawnette Sulker
Gilda: Chelsea Hollow
Tilda: Hope Nelson
Frog King: Kirk Eichelberger
Frog Prince: Samuel Faustine
Chamberlain: Jonathan Spencer
Baron De Beaucoup/Chorus (and “Frog Prince” cover): Caleb Alexander
Captain Siegfried von Wintersturmen/Chorus
(and “King” cover): Joseph Calzada
Children’s Chorus: The San Francisco Girls Chorus
(Members of San Francisco Girls Chorus School, Valérie Sainte-Agathe, Artistic Director)

Chorus/Other Covers:
Soprano (and “Dora” cover): Jayne Diliberto
Soprano (and “Gilda” cover): Natalia Hulse
Mezzo-Soprano (and “Tilda” cover): Leah Finn
Mezzo-Soprano (and Children’s Chorus rehearsal cover): Joy Graham
Tenor/Snake/Guard (and “Baron” cover): Sidney Ragland
Baritone/Snake/Guard (and “Captain” cover): Michael Villarreal