Past Performances - Operas

2016 - The Computer Kid's Magic Night

Director/Producer/Costumer: Sylvia Amorino
Conductor/Musical Director: William Long
Scenic Designer and Build: Adam Puglielli and Rooster Productions
Projections: Frédéric O. Boulay
Lighting Designer: Patrick Toebe

Photography: John Buyer
Graphics and Illustrations: Pamela Goodman

Venue / Date: Lesher Center for the Arts March 2016

Mickey Bellington (Computer Kid): Angelina Wahler
Mickey Bellington (Computer Kid): Daniel Ostrom
Flora Bellington (Mother): Cass Panuska
Dan Bellington (Father): Torlef Borsting
Charlotte Wordsmith: Giovanna Hutchison
Frederick Wordsmith: Darron Flagg
Cat (Wordsmith’s Cat): Sara LeMesh
Professor Mathematissimo: Jonathan Smucker
Melodica (an Opera Singer): Diane Squires
Fritz (a No-Hit Pitcher): Nick Volkert
Mrs. Perry Patetic (a World Traveler): Megan Stetson
Mr. Perry Patetic (a World Traveler): Michael Orlinsky